About Us


Rabbitbrush Studio was started by two sisters who loved making things together since they were little girls. They made clothes for their dolls, toys for playing doctor, houses for their imaginary puppies, and many other fun creations. They loved to make beautiful things with their hands, so naturally they both studied fine arts in college in South Korea. 


Sujin, who is the calligrapher for Rabbitbrush Studio, is interested in various methods to interact with other people.  In college, her artwork was inspired by “Hangul”, which are Korean letters. She wanted to show that the letter itself can be an inspiring art, and that a single letter can be used to communicate emotion and thought.


Heejin, who is the painter in Rabbitbrush Studio, is inspired by nature to paint and draw. She loves to paint animals, flowers and plants. Painting nature gives her peace of mind, so much so that she studied art therapy in graduate school. She wanted others to experience the same therapeutic effects she felt from painting and drawing.


Even though their interests are a little different, they still have the same passion for creativity. Like their childhood, they have been wanting to be a team again. They started to think about what they have in common, and what makes them happy. They realized two important things: First, they both like to share and give handmade gifts. Second, the Bible is always a source of comfort and joy. This led them to create scripture wall art which merged their unique gifts and desires. It has been a wonderful joy as they embark on a path that allows them to create the things they love, and also spend quality time with God through His word and creation.


All their products are hand written and painted as an original artwork first and then turned into prints. As they developed their products, they organized it into three collections: scripture art, art prints and greeting cards. They hope their artwork brings many people as much joy and peace as it does for them.





While they were brainstorming their brand name, Sujin’s daughter brought a book to her and asked her to read it. Even though Sujin was busy preparing to open the shop, she sat down and read to her little daughter. In the book they discovered a story that had a rabbitbrush flower in it! They loved this cute and witty name. When they researched the flower in more detail, they knew this was the flower for them. It is often used for a yellow dye, to make medicinal tea, and for chewing gum! It's a perfect name for the studio as they wanted their artwork to comfort people with beautiful colors that leaves a lasting impression. Another fun fact is that rabbits don’t actually like rabbitbrush flowers!!